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Cathy says, "When I visit a new place, I try to talk to the people there and find out how they understand the world. I like playing with their children and learning some of their language. Often, as a fresh world view seeps into me, I discover a new character or theme for my writing."

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During her junior year in college, Cathy lived in Paris where she took classes in French literature at, history, and politics at La Sorbonne and Sciences Po. She has returned to France several times and is fluent in French. Her experiences there have motivated her to write several short stories about city life.



All told, Cathy has spent 2 years of her life visiting Africa, especially Tanzania. She enjoys practicing the languages and getting to know the people. Once, she joined a rural Maasai community during their celebration of male and female circumcision. After spending so much time in rural Africa, she has written many stories about growing into adulthood in various cultures.



Long ago, Cathy lived in Tokyo for 2 months. On one weekend trip, she attended a ceremony recognizing the anniversary of the atomic bombing in Hiroshima. While government officials released 1,000 doves as a sign of peace, she held hands with Japanese survivors. This moment led her to write a novella about forgiveness.  

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Cathy has been to Russia twice, first to adopt two of her sons from an orphanage in Penza, and second to visit the Kamchatka Peninsula where she lazed in thermal pools with real healing powers. These visits have given her insight into the dangers of alcoholism and led her to write a novel about a boy struggling with FASD. 


Costa Rica

Cathy has been to the Pacific coast of Central America a dozen times. When there, she explores the rainforest and goes fishing. Once, she caught and released a blue marlin, striped marlin, and sailfish all in the same day. Often, while out on the boat with the waves and the sunshine, she explores new ideas for her writing.

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Cathy travels to Texas often to visit family and friends. Recently, she had the chance to spend the day with an injured survivor of the Uvalde school shooting and her family. They rode four-wheelers and spoke about the family's recovery. This experience motivated her to write a story about a mother recovering from PTSD.

From Cathy:

I believe people are more the same than different. My goal in writing is to explore that sameness. I want my readers to say, "I know that feeling. Look! Someone has put into words this thing I've always felt. I am not alone." The more I travel and learn about other people and their worlds, the easier it is for me to write stories that can strum a chord within all of us. 

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