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Favorite Quotes

"We make a living

by what we get.

We make a life by

what we give."


"It's not how much we do

but how much love

we put into the doing." 

Mother Teresa

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"A reader lives a thousand lives

before he dies.

The man who never reads

lives only one."

George R. R. Martin


"For our triumphs

are not in the classroom alone

nor in the hands of one teacher,

but rather in the rewards realized

by working together."

University of Michigan

Health Care System


"I need to believe in something

that I never question." 

Father Amadi

Purple Hibiscus


"You can

dream, create, design, and build

the most beautiful place in the world,

but it requires people

to make it a reality." 

Walt Disney


"You miss 100%

of the shots

you don't take." 

Wayne Gretzky


"Learn from the past

and live in the now."

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