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Recently, Cathy began taking pottery classes, and she believes it has drastically improved her writing. In her words, "When you work on the wheel, you have to be quick. You must manipulate the clay while it's perfectly supple and form it into art before the life literally drains out of it. I write best when I think like that. My goal is always to channel the emotional energy while it's still zipping through me." 


This is Cathy's first pot. She made it by cutting 3"x 2" slabs and piecing them together. Then, she carved the animals and the waves.


Bear was a gift for one of Cathy's sons. Recently, she has tried to recreate it with improvements to the eyes and the coloring. Also, his head seems a little big! 


This is Cathy's first attempt at mixing two colors of glaze. The air bubbles are a mistake but look kind of cool. 


Cathy is often inspired by her children. Her daughter has thick, wavy, Italian hair, which she tried to recreate in clay. 


When Cathy started on the pottery wheel, the most practical thing she could think to make was pots and trays for her tiny succulents.

Thank you to Kay, Nancy, and the great team at Yourist Pottery Studio in Ann Arbor, MI, for getting Cathy started! 

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