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Back in 6th grade, Cathy represented her class at a young writers conference with a story about a dog retrieving a duck. After that, life took her in other directions until finally, in 2021, she wound her way back to creative writing.

A Slow Fever

published by

The Write Launch


This novella details the story of Typhoid Mary, a woman who showed no symptoms yet carried the disease throughout her life, infecting hundreds and killing several. Also the story of the lawyer who freed her from confinement, this tale explores the balance between civic duty and self-preservation. 

The Knowing

published by

Dreamers Creative Writing

Told by a fig hanging on a tree, this short story questions the first chapter of the bible and the suggestion that gaining knowledge is a sin. 

A Different Kind of Smart

published by

Friday Flash Fiction

This little flash will make you think about the value each of us adds to the world. 

It's Hard

in Just One More Minute

published by 

Free Spirit


This little flash will remind you how hard we can be on ourselves.

Moving Along

in Just One More Minute

published by

Free Spirit


This sliver of life story reveals a fresh point of view on a hot topic. 

Hanging On

podcast by 

Etched Onyx Magazine and Story Discovery


This narrative poem explores how we cling to family.

Ode to My Truck

published by

Beyond Words Lit Mag


This narrative poem will make you ponder how similar a truck's life is to ours.

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